I always believed that my genuine kindness and caring toward others are my best characters. I noticed with time as I get older that I have the ability to touch others’ lives in a good way and I made it my mission to never leave a place the same way I got into it, always […]

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Nothing is as soothing as your breeze. Overjoyed with open heart I welcome you. Vast and generous with love and care, Embracing every falling leaf. Magic is everywhere. Bewildered is the one who can’t get your spirit. Emerged from the far horizon. Rolling happiness and endless cheers …


Inner Blossom of Love

Giving love to others but not thyself, is attempting to pull water from an empty well…   Nourish your own garden, that is you…   Then you won’t need to cut flowers that others grew… My colors are shiny, sometimes, and sometimes just blue…   Am not a gardener, but gardens I like, I’ll nourish my own […]

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Why Engineering?

I would like to tell you today about what engineering means to me and why I am proud to be one (No yawning allowed please!). First I will begin with a disclaimer, (like all smart engineers do!) I didn’t choose to be an Engineer, it was one of my destiny’s gifts that I received, how […]

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